Talent Management System

An intelligent talent recruiting and training management system which is data-driven, structured and collaborative

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The need for Talent in our industry has been a real change to overcome over the years.

With a business model that sources, mentors and hires the right talent for its partner companies, Swabhav Techlabs has built an intelligent, data driven learning and recruitment platform to help talents create personalised learning environment and to provide recruiters with a talent acquisition suite to engage and select these talents.

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A system for the Talent

Swabhav's Training programs onboard talent from all around, coders passionate about problem solving and continuous learning.

  1. To onboard them into the program
  2. To track their progress
  3. To motivate them to increase their potential
  4. To help them find the right company they would love to work with

we developed a software solution on the cloud. The solution provides data to measure the success of the training programs by tracking increased skills of every talent in new verticals and quantifying their benefits.

A system for Mentors

Swabhav's Training programs are unlike other programs offered. Each program focuses on measuring the skill improvement of a student on a concept level.

They also focus on strengthening the synapses of a student for every new learning done.

  1. To help the mentors teach better
  2. To focus on how the correct way of learning that can create 10x coders
  3. TSM shows the training program right from its modules to topics and concepts taught in every topic. It also helps the mentors share positively stimulated feedbacks to the students.


A system for Talent Acquisiton

Swabhav's Sourcing programs help their partner companies find talent from all around India, mentor them and then onboard them. TSM helps

  1. Find the top rated talent from Swabhav's training programs
  2. Add new talent from outside community
  3. Find the right talent with right skillset for companies
  4. Create a community of wonderful coders

A system architecture designed to be scalable and flexible

Behind an easy to use web app there is a powerful tech platform driving it all. Integrating different faculties, students and vendors requires a system architecture that is flexible and quick to modify. From the beginning, the system was designed for students to easily connect their batch's schdule, assignments, and monitor their progress.

Features like giving feedback, updating changes in an ongoing batch, add new modules to it - All this should happen in split second. Now, consider that thousands of users are doing this at the same time.

When designing systems like this we have to make sure the platform is open enough to easily connect and integrate with other systems of students. We broke away from monolithic architecture to a system design that breaks platform into smaller decoupled services. The APIs were designed for quick consumption and easy integration.

The APIs were designed for quick consumption and easy integration



Breaking traditional architecture into small micro-services which are independent from each other

We developed a database architecture to enable a cloud-based data warehousing and ETL for scalable syncing between faculty and student data. We batched data using complex, multi-stage extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs.


In the end, Swabhav Techlabs got a rich online presence in-line with the brand’s overall look, feel, and positioning.

This resulted in an increased awareness of the brand amongst students around the world. Noticeable rise in web traffic & the average performeance rating of a student, and a significant uplift in sales was achieved within the first 6 months of launch.