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What problems do we take off CTOs' heads?

We love to work with people who see software as the core of their businesses. During the last few years, we’ve helped CTOs in the following scenarios.

Developers shortage on the local market

With our 170+ developers on board, you can build or extend your development team in weeks, not months.

Scalable infrastructure in cloud

If you need scalable and secure infrastructure, our DevOps engineers are eager to help – using Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP and more.

Extra projects with tight deadlines

When a new business opportunity arrives but your in-house team is engaged in everyday projects, we help you scale up easily and stay flexible.

Modern, real-time frontend

Our frontend developers and UX/UI specialists will design and develop up-to-date SPA interfaces for your digital products, letting you outclass the competition.

Technical debt in existing software products

We will help you in efficient tech stack migration, updating software, implementing new solutions and transforming technical debt into technical wealth.

Complex, service-oriented solutions

With numerous SOA projects in their portfolio, our developers are great choice when it comes to microservices, modular programming, websockets, etc.


Mobile App Development Offerings

Agile Development Teams On Demand

Fill the talent gap just in weeks by accessing over 170+ proactive and social professionals.

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Cloud Adoption & Engineering

The cloud know-how you need is within reach. Interested in optimizing technology costs and resources?

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Resilient Software Architecture

You can build a dependable and dynamic product core. Tell us your milestones, and we’ll tell you which solutions stack suits you best.

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Custom Software Development

Be certain the project is on track with technology professionals covering every development stage. .

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