An AI driven Digital Exhibition Solution

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Simply following tradional online and offline markeng no longer guarantees an exponenal growth in event delegates/ visitors or exhibitor numbers. Compeve pressure, rising expenses and changing consumer demands make it harder than ever to stay ahead.

With a business model that sources, mentors and hires the right talent for its partner companies, Swabhav Techlabs has built an intelligent, data driven learning and recruitment platform to help talents create personalised learning environment and to provide recruiters with a talent acquisition suite to engage and select these talents.

Euphoria is India’s leading event technology platform trusted by event professionals

Euphoria has been built from the ground up to be a single system where the Event planning & Event Management components are all seamlessly integrated so they can easily stand alone or be used all-in-one and anything in between.

Euphoria Suite Features:

Pre Exhibition

euphoria-exhibition-management Exhibition Management Modules: Event Planning, CRM & Sales Management, AI powered exhibitor & visitor matching, Data management & maintenance

euphoria-exhibitor-modules Exhibitor Modules: Booth Management, Conference Management

euphoria-visitor-modules Visitor Modules: Mobile Marketing, Badge Printing, Exhibitor Live Dashboard

euphoria-product-modules Product Modules: Mobile Marketing, Visitor Live Dashboard, Visitor Contest & Engagement

During Exhibition

euphoria-exhibition-management Exhibition Management Modules: Organizer Dashboard, Announcement Module

euphoria-exhibitor-modules Exhibitor Modules: Exhibitor Manual, Space Booking and Management

euphoria-visitor-modules Visitor Modules: Event Ticket Selling, Visitor Manual

euphoria-product-modules Product Modules: Product Management

After Exhibition

euphoria-exhibition-management Exhibition Management Modules: Data Analysis, Tally integration, Billing & Payments

euphoria-exhibitor-module Exhibitor Modules:Buyer and Seller Meetings, Exhibitor Reports

euphoria-visitor-modules Visitor Modules: Visitor Reports

euphoria-product-modules Product Modules: Product Finder


Quality check and Hosting Challenges

Exhibitors, Visitors, Business Development Executives, Marketing Associates and vendors find it very challenging to use multiple apps for managing different exhibitions in different cities. Moreover, our client GS Marketing never had a one stop shop for all of its stakeholders, to manage exhibitions effectively and to plan data driven events from the past information.

To tackle this, GS Marketing Associates wanted to build a platform where all the stakeholders can organize the entire event digitally, while individually working on the platform. Our ERP system, Euphoria helps manage everything right from handling exhibitor and visitor enquiries to booking stalls to showcasing discounts and following up with stall owners for their pending payments, at a single place.

One of the major technical challenges was to build customizable packages, maintaining different instances for hosting of different whitelabled apps. Moreover, performing full QA of the sysem before it releases was a tedious job.

Highly scalable backend architecture to handle fluctuating load

There are millions of participants in a single event, and billions if we take account for all the music festivals happening throughout the year. The platform was designed keeping in mind the number of attendees so that it can easily handle thousands of concurrent requests at the same time. Leveraging auto scalable AWS EC2 instances, we eliminated manual intervention of increasing or decreasing server capacity.



A Modern approach to live your events & engage users

In 3 months of development cycle, we created a clutter-free digital platform for organizer to create exhibitions and invite exhibitors and visitors.

We also built a hybrid mobile app using Ionic. We leveraged native features like bluetooth, compass, GPS, etc; to provide a seamless experience to the users. We also developed scalable backend that can meet the varying demand throughout the year. GS' Euphoria fulfills the need of event organizer and event goers by offering features like:


Stall Booking


Stall Booking

Exhibitor Inquiries


Visitor Inquiries


Visitor Ticket Booking


Area Wise Ticket Booking Report